The MyoReformation discipline relies on the body’s own ability to totally heal itself from nearly all illnesses and damage when given the correct input.


Relating to muscles, from Greek mus/mu-: literally mouse, because of the way muscles move under the skin.


Re-modelling, renovation, adjustment, rehabilitation, betterment.

Open the Channels

The treatment consists of a series of movements on the entire muscle structure of the body, from head to toe, designed to re-align each and every muscle, open joints and separate ligaments.

Heal The Body
To Heal The Mind

Scientists at the HeartMath® Institute in California have shown that the electro-magnetic energy field of the heart is 60 times stronger than that of the brain.

MyoReformation supports this, in showing that the body is governed by the heart and not the brain. The healthier the body is, and the more positive energy it has, the better the brain function.

Do The Maintenance

All pain and illness stem from physical and emotional blockages in the body. Disease is dis-ease within the body.

Dispel The Myth

Our bodies want – and know how – to be 100% well. We simply need to listen to them and help them, by opening their vital channels and networks.