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MyoReformation Founder

Jacqueline Simpson


On the night of 20 November 1982, just shy of her 20th birthday, Jacquie took a running dive into the swimming pool of a remote mine sports club. The pool had been emptied that day for cleaning. Jacquie crushed her 5th, 6th and 7th cervical vertebrae, mangling and trapping the spinal cord. She instantly lost an inch in height and was declared a quadriplegic after evacuation to Harare’s main hospital.

Such was the verdict of all the specialists. It was plainly obvious to the eye and confirmed by X-rays, CAT scans and MRI scans. She was told she would spend her life in a wheelchair, but refused to believe it. She spent the next many weeks – after demanding to be sat up in bed – concentrating every waking moment on moving her fingers and toes.


Her stubbornness and persistence paid off. The signals got through, the fingers, toes and more started to move, and after six weeks she signed herself out of the hospital - secured in her wheelchair and neck brace. Within eight months she was back at work as a legal secretary, albeit with limitations.

The wheelchair and neck brace were retired from service and by 1990 Jacquie was married with two children. Although she lived a reasonably normal life, she suffered from constant headaches and back pain.


After many years of unsuccessfully trying the normal and alternative medical channels - such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, aromatherapy, acupuncture and reflexology - Jacquie came across VHT (Vibromuscular Harmonisation Technique). This gave her the most effective relief so far, by a significant measure. She became a firm disciple and in 2003 had the opportunity to study VHT when its founder, the late Jock Ruddock, visited Harare to teach. Jock was an inspiration to Jacquie and will forever be her guru.

Jacquie started practising VHT on family and friends and soon discovered that this was just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to the belief of her many loyal friends and patients, she found that the body can be completely restored from most catastrophes, even as far as re-growing nerves and ligaments. She has taken therapy beyond VHT, and founded the MyoReformation discipline. Two of Jacquie’s innumerable success stories were also partial quadriplegics who have now also retired their wheelchairs and live near-normal lives.

After several years of practising, adapting and enhancing VHT, one of her patients asked to be trained in the same technique and was then able to perform the therapy on Jacquie. As a result, today Jacquie is 100% healthy and pain free, and more convinced than ever that the body can perform its own miracles.

From quadriplegics to stroke patients, amputees to severe depression – and everything in between – every committed patient has followed the same astonishing path back to health.


Intent on spreading the word – and deed – of what an amazing self-healing machine the human body can be, Jacquie has now started teaching to pass on her MyoReformation discipline. It is her fervent hope that people far and wide throughout the world will learn, accept, benefit and spread the news.


Her eternal thanks go to Bowen and VHT therapies that provided the nucleus of her skill, with special thanks to Jock Ruddock and the many friends and patients who both believe in her and taught her everything she has learned.

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