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I have no doubt that MyoReformation contributed to my recovery. I have no hesitation in recommending it to anybody who wants to feel better. You will be amazed by the results.

I now have little to no leg pain and I am vastly improved both physically and mentally. I have been given a clean bill of health by my consulting physician…

I’ve been really happy with my improvements but most impressed with my muscle reformation, excess weight loss and general health!

Highly recommended. Thanks Jono for an awesome improvement to my body.

I can recommend Jacquie to all those with muscular pains that they have long being trying to get rid of.

Within 3 months MyoReformation had Chrissie back in the gym with a knee that bent 180 degrees, pain-free and back at the top of her crossfit.

I am so much better since I started MyoReformation treatment.

I can get out of bed in the morning without any aches and pains, I have more energy, I feel more relaxed and I am sleeping so much better.

After 40+ years of bodily abuse, and in recent years the inability to afford corrective spinal surgery, I discovered MyoReformation. The positives have been phenomenal and I am now a different person physically, mentally and emotionally.

My body and mind have transformed physically and spiritually.

Every time I walk out of her rooms I am pain free.

I feel like I have been given a new lease on life. Thank you Jacquie!

She got me walking and got my self esteem back. I think all her work with me saved me.

Chris is amazing at being able to read, feel, interact within and importantly pace the sessions. The deeper the Myoreformation has gone the more this trust and confidence in Chris and the process has grown.

Love the energy that I feel after a Myo session

I really enjoy my weekly sessions with Madelyn and so look forward to the therapy.

I do believe that being pain free today is thanks to Myoreformation and persevering through the pain even when I thought I couldn’t go on. I am now fully recovered, pain free and no longer limp and I now see Jane once a month just to maintain good health.

I loved it and most definitely feel lighter and more flexible. Book me in for more please!

I am feeling a lot more relaxed and resilient

I am totally pain free, and able to continue with my yoga and Pilates classes unhindered!

My sessions with Jacquie were amazing.

I have been receiving MyoReformation treatment from Jacquie for the past ten years and have not looked back.

Thank you, Jacquie for putting new life into – what I had labelled – an old body.

My sessions with Jacquie helped me have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Each session leaves me feeling so much better inside and out.

I cannot recommend Jacquie highly enough. She is thorough, hard-working, and compassionate. She saved me from living my life out in seriously painful agony. She helped me to be able to live life again and enjoy a pain-free happy existence.

I 100% recommend Myoreformation, the benefits are well worth it .. thanks Jane ..

I felt spiritually and emotionally lighter and zinging with energy after just one treatment.

I can’t thank Jacquie enough for encouraging me to push through and persevere – to see the light on the other side.

Thank you Jono for all of your help, you are the reason I can return to university in one piece!

I feel great, with a total shift in mindset

Therapy with Jacquie really worked wonders. I won’t hesitate to recommend anyone…

My back used to wake me up at least 3 times a night with a severe burning pain, but again Myo has helped tremendously as I have not had an issue with pain at night.

The treatment heals the body and my experience is that it seems to be healing everything else in life too. Mind body and soul.

I am truly grateful and ever thankful to her for assisting me to progress from an ill individual to a healthy, pain free, drug free, person that I am today.

My body has felt lighter and stronger over time

MyoReformation has become MY transformation and has made me feel like an entirely NEW person.

I was motivated by her holistic approach to healing. Thank you, Jacquie, for five uplifting sessions.

I can now live a normal life, and be back on the racetrack.

My life has changed for the better in so many ways – not just on a physical level but on mental and emotional levels too.

Myo has completely changed my life physically and mentally. I am off all medication for blood pressure and arthritis and I am sleeping so much better.

It has been a very worthwhile experience, and I very much appreciate Jono’s commitment.

Each treatment provided increasing benefit to joints, muscles, ease/freedom of movement

Jacquie has been an inspiration to me to keep me fit and walking, if it wasn’t for my friend introducing me to Jacquie I would be in a wheel chair.

Myo and Madelyn, with her help and patience, were the best therapy I have yet experienced.

After the first session – very painful – I felt like I was floating. I had such a calmness and walked up my back stairs with no pain!

Jacquie sorted out my back problems with her MyoReformation treatment. No pain killers, no operation and above all no more pain. Thanks Jacquie.

5 years later, I am still PAIN FREE and OFF ALL MEDICATION!

Winters and very wet weather are always a challenge for fibromyalgia sufferers. This year I seem to have coped better because I’ve experienced what Myoreformation can do.