Dewi Williams


I met Jacquie after my accident and I wasn't in a good place, I had shut down a bit. When I got to Jacquie I was in my wheelchair and battling with a lot of things, even battling to speak. I was going to Jacquie a number of times a week and began to notice major improvements. She was a bit of a tough master but only for the good of getting the best out of me. My movements began to become more easy and I was out of the wheelchair. All the stretching did wonders for me as well as all the mental health stuff. She got me walking and got my self esteem back. I think all her work with me saved me.

Dave Rosser


Since I first started my journey of fortnightly sessions with Jacquie some 8 years ago, my body and mind have transformed physically and spiritually.

Her treatment has not only seen me through a speedy recovery from an operation to repair fractured vertebrae after a nasty motor accident, but continues to energise my good health and mental state.

Long may the journey continue.

Kathy Hull


I suffered from terrible migraines, had very bad back ache and was unable to walk for more than a few minutes without extreme agony in my back and legs. in fact, I hurt absolutely everywhere.

Over the years it got worse and worse, and last I counted, I'd consulted 17 different doctors and specialists including physiotherapists, osteopaths, psychologists, chiropractors, reflexologists, neurosurgeons, personal trainers, dieticians -you name it - I'd tried it. I had a major back op which helped for about 6-8 months as there was calcification round my spine. But since they used to cut through all the muscles in those days, my pain came back and was worse than ever. All my doctors gave up on me. My neurosurgeon told me to take a disprin and my masseuse told me "Well I don't know what to do. Your back isn't responding to me".

I was told about Jacquie and I went to her in sheer desperation. I said "Please do one thing. Don't give up on me".

I explained that I started getting the migraines a short while after my husband had been tragically killed in the Rhodesian war. It was an exceptionally difficult time as I had to move out of the farm house we were staying in because I was now on my own with two babies and it was a dangerous area. I had no money, no job, no home, a $3000 debt on the car and two babies aged 10 months and 3 years.

Nearly three years later I remarried and was blissfully happy. We had 2 more children but when my oldest was 18 she was killed in a car crash. I CONSTANTLY suffered from migraines then. That's when my back ache started. Then four years later my husband was killed in a road accident.

I was in such emotional torture that my body completely seized up. The physical pain was so excruciating that I could only sleep with sleeping pills. If I had to wait in a bank queue I sat on the floor. It was too painful to stand. I'd have to take my son to help me with grocery shopping. Sometimes I'd drive to the shops and not be able to get out of the car, so I'd go home again.

Jacquie started work on my body and knew straight away I was in serious agony from the top of my head to my toes. I used to go home exhausted and couldn't do a thing all afternoon.

It'd taken about 20 years of emotional upheaval to get my body into such a mess and I knew it'd be no quick fix. I also knew someone had to work on my ENTIRE body. How right I was! And that’s what she does- she works on every part of the body. The entire body works as a whole. She knows exactly what to do to get it to heal itself! But we both had to be determined and work very hard.

Every single time I went there was some little improvement somewhere. The first to go where my migraines.

Jacquie was so incredibly understanding and I just loved her. I could never have attempted that long road to recovery with someone who didn't understand emotional or physical pain. She was also very encouraging and positive.

Against her advice I went for a 2nd back operation while going to her which was a massive mistake as it set her back a year and it made my pain worse.

I broke my wrist in three different places while at work. So many people said that I'd never get the full use of it back at my age, especially since it had a pin put in and the surgeon severed the nerve. Jacquie worked on it and within 7 weeks it was back to normal.

I cannot recommend Jacquie highly enough. She is thorough, hard-working, and compassionate. She saved me from living my life out in seriously painful agony. She helped me to be able to live life again and enjoy a pain -free happy existence.

Pippa Squire


I have been seeing Jacquie for about 2 years now and I highly recommend the brilliant work she does. My life has changed for the better in so many ways – not just on a physical level but on mental and emotional levels too. The joy of being able to move my neck, touch my toes, sleep comfortably and get out of bed in the mornings without hobbling is quite amazing, considering we started with a body frozen like a block of concrete!! Furthermore, to not lose my temper and to see life in a more positive and balanced way is indeed a blessing which I am just so grateful for. Thank you Jacquie for developing this amazing technique and for the amazing work you do. I am so glad I found you!!

David Smith


I was first introduced to Jacquie at the age of about 11 years after suffering years and years of chronic knee and heel pain from growing rapidly in my youth. Having seen many doctors some of whom diagnosed me with osteoporosis (at the age of 11!) (which I did not have) and as a last resort I was taken to Jacquie, yes with my doubts as I had almost lost hope and was very young. Within about 8 months of treatment I was in no pain whatsoever and have never had a knee/heel issue again and I am now 21.

More recently at the age of 18 I was involved in a very serious accident whereby I sustained severe traumatic injuries to my spine. A compression fracture of L1, a burst compression fracture of L3 and many collapsed discs. I have since undergone one fusion surgery of L5/S1 which is “minor” in comparison to having a vertebral cage being inserted to replace the triangular shape L3, however due to the risk/reward factor I would only consider doing that as a very last resort. Having tried physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, yoga, operations, surgeons on 3 continents, medicinal drugs, the list is endless, you name it and I have done it with very little or no success. As a result I thought I would go and see Jacquie as a “last resort” once again, so that’s where I am. Recently I have been seeing Jacquie for 4 months twice a week and every time I walk out of her rooms I am pain free. This is however relatively short lived at the moment but with that being said treatments have been disrupted by university. 3 years of intensive use of class A drugs hasn’t helped the cause, and due to the extent of my injuries it’s going to take time. With the combination of these factors there is no quick fix and Jacquie and I will eventually get there it just takes time to sort out such a mess if you would like to call it that.

I could not recommend Jacquie highly enough for any type of injury/issue. Aside from the treatments she is very warm and welcoming with sessions actually being enjoyable now, and with results to show for it. Even when I am fully healed I still intend to see Jacquie for MyoReformation as it is absolutely fantastic for the mind and body regardless of having an injury or not.

Peter Whyte

Motorcycle Racer

I have been riding off road motorcycles since the age of four, including motocross and endurance races. When I turned 18 I was working at TT motorcycles in Harare. They told me that they were going to bring in a new type of bike called a Megelli 250r, and they said that they wanted to start road racing again in Zimbabwe. I had always liked riding around the karting track on scooters, which made me wonder if I would be any good at road racing. They had brought in 2 bikes to test. I tried them out and really enjoyed it so I bought one.

After about seven weeks the bikes arrived. I took mine home in the crate and assembled it. I had been given some race kit from friends in South Africa, and another friend gave me some road racing boots. My Grandad went to SA and got me some gloves, so now I was all kitted out for racing. We went to Donnybrook practicing about twice a month, and my lap times started to get faster and faster.

That year ended and another year started, the first year of Megelli racing 2011.

I started racing and I wasn’t too bad and as the year went on, I started getting better and began winning races. I managed to get enough points to win the national championship. The following year I had made other plans to go and work on yachts in the Mediterranean. I went on an aluminium welding course at TIG Welders Harare.

At the last race of the season in Bulawayo my main competitor’s bike had broken so I had no pressure, but then on the second lap of the race another competitor and I bumped which ended in me going off the track and colliding with a tree at approximately 130kph. This severe impact broke my back in 2 places and I had a brain injury. I was rushed to hospital in Bulawayo, where I spent 5 days in an induced coma.

I was airlifted back to Harare because I had a brain injury. When I was back I was seen by a neuro surgeon by the name of Professor Kalangu, who decided that I needed to be operated on. They operated on my brain putting a shunt from my brain to my heart, classing my injury at a level 4. After the operation I spent a further 5 weeks in an induced coma.

Luckily for me the surgeon had just got a new machine that reads brain pressure so it was no longer a guessing game. My brain pressure returned to a safe level and he brought me out of the induced coma. By this time I had lost 25kgs. When I woke up I started my rehabilitation in the hospital learning to walk again. I cannot remember anything from hospital. I can’t even remember driving to Bulawayo before the race. I guess that’s the body’s own way of protecting itself.

When I got home from hospital I started doing 5 therapies per week that included physiotherapy with Didier Smeets which just involved the stretching of all my muscles, light/colour therapy at Professor Kalangu’s rooms which made me get car sick on the drive home. Where I did my welding coarse, TIG welding, Paul Sparks is a scuba diver.

A hyperbaric decompression chamber is designed to deal with people with the bends but it also helps people with traumatic brain injuries, so I was very lucky to be able to have this therapy. I did over 120 hours in the chamber. I also had deep tissue massage with a lady called Jacquie Simpson. It was really painful at first because all my muscles had stuck together and needed to be separated. But it really helped me walk properly again. And that’s where I finished my rehabilitation.

I am really truly grateful to all the people who have helped me get to where I am today 4 years later, and I can now live a normal life, and be back on the racetrack.

John Legat

Asset Manager

I have been receiving MyoReformation treatment from Jacquie for the past ten years and have not looked back. I attempted to go every week but my career in finance made this difficult with frequent travel on both short and long haul flights.

Having spent so much time with Jacquie over these years I have come to appreciate the importance of allowing the body to resolve its own problems. I have always been a great believer in preventative medicine, preferring to have regular medical check-ups - including heart analysis every five years - rather than react to medical issues as they occur. I am a reluctant taker of drugs whose side effects appear to make matters worse. Each year my doctor undertakes a full blood analysis which to date has produced a 100% pass rate. In more recent years, I have been convinced by Jacquie and the likes of Dr. Tim Noakes that carbohydrates do more damage than good and I have cut back drastically as a result except for the well-deserved Castle Lite beers! I converted my wife-to-be to MyoReformation on her return to Zimbabwe in 2010. My late mother spent two months a year in Zimbabwe for the past four years of her life (she died at 89!) and there can be no doubt that her four annual sessions with Jacqui gave her renewed agility and mobility. The first three sessions are usually painful as long-dormant muscles are freed up but the end results are well worth it. Now we need more people around the World who can provide MyoReformation so that we can receive the treatment when travelling or on holiday overseas!

Justine Legat

Financial Adviser

I was encouraged to start MyoReformation by my husband and long-time believer of everything Jacquie does. At the time I was 36 years old and pregnant with our first child. Several years prior I had been diagnosed with a genetic blood condition called Leydon Factor V. Although this may remain dormant throughout one’s life, long haul flights, stress and 'later in life' pregnancies can activate a reaction which often manifests in DVT's.

I am convinced that my sessions with Jacquie helped me have a happy and healthy pregnancy. As our baby was breached I had to have a caesarian section but required no more than normal monitoring or drugs. In fact I was back riding a horse 6 weeks later. I continued my treatments throughout my second pregnancy and only 18 months after our son arrived I had a healthy baby girl. My second caesarian section recovery was even quicker.

I am now 42 and holistic approach to body and mind keeps me drug free with no signs of a blood condition.

Mathew Mbundire

Deputy Headmaster

In July 2006 I was involved in a near-fatal car accident in my neighbourhood, when a car didn't stop at a stop sign and crashed into mine, which resulted in me being thrown out of the window after crashing head first into the wind screen. I got cuts on my head, dislocated my left shoulder and fractured my spinal code on C6 and C5, which left me paralysed from the neck down.

I was operated on in the Avenues by Professor Kalangu, and was referred to St Giles Rehabilitation centre where I spent 8 months doing physical therapy. I was later discharged when I could sit in a wheel chair. I carried on doing therapy with St Giles as well as rehabilitation exercises at a local gym. Very little progress was noted till Prof. Kalangu referred me to Jacquie Simpson's care. After a few sessions with her I was both psychologically and physically uplifted. I managed to get movements in both of my legs and right hand. Soon I could stand and leave the wheelchair to do exercises. Therapy with Jacquie really worked wonders. I won't hesitate to recommend anyone who finds himself in a situation like mine to see Jacquie first before trying other forms of therapy like I did.

Sandy Payne

My Name is Sandy Payne, I am 56 years old.

I have had back problems since 1992 due to collapsed vertebrae, and underwent an operation in 1993 in the hope of reducing the excess pain I was having.

After the operation the pain was still there and the Doctor advised that he could perform further operations, but my decision was to forgo this and live with the pain.

My nights were spent sleeping in the upright position as every time I turned in bed the pain was unbearable and woke me up, and I found it more comfortable to sleep this way.

Eventually a friend of mine got in touch with Jacquie Simpson who practises MyoReformation.

I was a bit sceptical at first, but just after the first few sessions with her, my back started to loosen up and feel a bit better. Although the pain was still there, at least I could bend a bit more.

I have been going to Jacquie on a regular basis, once a month for the past few years.

This has certainly helped me a lot as the pain is much less especially after a session. I am able to sleep relatively comfortably in bed and can turn over without waking up.

Obviously the pain has not gone away entirely but it is now bearable, and I can walk.

I have visited specialists in the neuro system - in particular the vertebrae - and when they saw the x-rays, MRI and CT scans, they were amazed that I was able to walk at all, and said that I should be in a wheel chair and paralyzed from the waist down. The Doctor obviously advised me to continue doing what I was with Jacquie, as it was working.

Jacquie has been an inspiration to me to keep me fit and walking, if it wasn’t for my friend introducing me to Jacquie I would be in a wheel chair.

I wish there were more people who do what Jacquie is doing, to help people in the same condition as me.

Charlotte Martin


In 2001 I had a stroke. I lost a lot of feeling in my right arm and leg, and they were very weak. I also developed bad back pain as a result of my stroke. I started doing pilates but it made no difference to me at all. My husband was being treated by Jacquie Simpson and she performed miracles on him. No more pain. I also went to Jacquie for MyoReformation and for the first time in many years my back straightened out, and finally my pain was gone. I can recommend Jacquie to all those with muscular pains that they have long being trying to get rid of.

Tienie Martin

Retired National Rugby Player & Farmer

I developed a lower back problem in 2015, I’m not sure what the cause of it was. I remember lying in a cabin of a houseboat on Lake Kariba, in excruciating pain for 2 days. I went and saw a Neurosurgeon when I got back to Harare. He could not diagnose the problem and simply gave me pain killers. The pain subsided but after a few months it returned, and again they could not find anything wrong, and he suggested that I have a back operation, which I refused.

I heard about Jacquie Simpson and decided to go and see her. Jacquie sorted out my back problems with her MyoReformation treatment. No pain killers, no operation and above all no more pain. Thanks Jacquie.

John Taylor

Retired, 76 – Hermanus, South Africa

A lump of hard matter (I don’t know what else to call it), following a motor car accident some 40 years ago, has gone. My knee and hip are allowing me to walk, comfortably, up and down stairs – and it’s time to celebrate! As Jacquie promised, my body feels freer and easier than it has been for many years - and I am aware that the healing process is ongoing. Thank you, Jacquie for putting new life into - what I had labelled - an old body.

Olivia Schaffer

Journalist, 69 – Hermanus, South Africa

My groin, after fruitlessly visiting numerous alternative and allopathic practitioners (nine, if my count is correct), is much improved from Jacquie’s treatment and I’m on the way to a full recovery. Jacquie’s commitment to her Myoreformation technique is an inspiration – a testament to her belief in the ability of the body to heal itself. It was a remarkable experience to witness Jacquie’s capacity to unblock years of negative energy so that blood and oxygen could flow freely, thereby rejuvenating and revitalising my worn-out body, weary mind and tired spirit. I was motivated by her holistic approach to healing. Thank you, Jacquie, for five uplifting sessions. If we lived in Zimbabwe I would be a regular client.

Kim Stander


My name is Kim Stander. I had a back op about 2 years ago, for a herniated disc that trapped a nerve... When I had the op I was unable to walk very far and the pain was unbearable... about 6 months after the op I still had numbness on the outside of my left leg, from my hip all the way into my toes . The doctor told me it was nerve damage and would take years to heal and possibly not totally.. I was also struggling with movement on my left leg ... someone recommended I go see Jane for some Myoreformation... well I have not looked back.. my numbness is now only in my foot and toe and my muscles are working properly again.. added benefits my thyroid is 100% normal which it has not been in years...

I 100% recommend Myoreformation, the benefits are well worth it .. thanks Jane ..

Mike Gravett

Paramedic and MyoReformation Practitioner

I’ve always had a passion for the medical field, which has now led me to this incredible Myoreformation journey. Here is my story:

After completing my O Levels, I began a career in the emergency medical field, studying and qualifying as an Intermediate Life Support Paramedic in South Africa. For almost three years, I was employed by ER24 in Pretoria. I was passionate about my job, helping people when they needed it most and saving a life was hugely rewarding for me. I gained invaluable experience through the years, however I began to feel dissatisfied. My desire to help people remained, yet I continually felt that something was lacking. I would feel the excitement of an adrenaline rush, stabilise a patient, get him/her to an emergency care facility and then it was all over! Without the opportunity of following through, I was never aware if my patient had lived or died, had I done a good enough job? These thoughts haunted me to the point where I decided that a career change was needed to remove such doubts but still remain in the emergency medical field. Hence, I embarked on a new journey to study medicine and become a doctor.

This new avenue posed a number of challenges which I would first have to overcome. As I had only gone as far as O Level for my secondary education, I now needed A Level for my University application. I returned home to Harare, and fortunately had the backing and support of my parents who welcomed me home and willingly paid for my A Level education and what would have been, six years of medical education. Due to my age, I could not go back into a normal school environment and therefore was privately tutored at home for seven months. The subjects studied were Physics, Chemistry and Biology, from O Level syllabus through to A Level. Most people felt that it was virtually impossible, yet with self-discipline and a determined effort, I conquered. Another obstacle followed. Application to a medical school in Southern Africa was out of the question without A Level Maths.

With the advice from the Dean of the University of Zambia, and with the subjects I had chosen, I had no option but to do my first year abroad and then apply for a transfer back to Southern Africa for my second year.

After several university applications, I chose to study at a University in Iasi, Romania, the G. T. Popa University Of Medicine and Pharmacy. Invaluable knowledge was gained, especially in the forms of anatomy and physiology. During my Easter vacation home, I was rushed to hospital which was thought to be a heart attack. I found myself in ICU for four nights at the Avenues Clinic with suspected Myocarditis. My uncontrollable heart rate and blood pressure led specialists to believe that I needed a pacemaker. Fortunately, steroids stabilised my heart and a pacemaker was no longer an option. My GP confirmed that I had had a nervous breakdown, for which I was prescribed antidepressants, anti-anxiety and sedatives. At only 24 years of age and in this condition, I returned to Romania to complete my first year of medical school and did a successful transfer to the University of Zimbabwe in Harare for my second year. At this point, my body was a wreck, I was skeletally thin and on a cocktail of drugs to keep going. On my last flight from Romania back to Harare, I experienced constant numbness on my right leg, from my knee down to my two toes.

I began my second year at the University of Zimbabwe. I had convinced myself that healing would mean getting fit which led me to being an avid cross-fit trainer. While training I damaged my back and wrist which continually worsened to the point that tying my shoe laces was a problem. I sought medical advice and was told that there was a possible lesion on the T6 of my spine which would more than likely require surgery. For my wrist, I was told to go and see a physiotherapist. For the numbness in my leg, the specialist said, if possible to just leave it, or if it worsened to come back and see him. This prognosis and diagnosis left me very disillusioned with the medical fraternity and even in a more depressed state than what I already was. This prompted me to do some serious self-examination. Is this what I wanted to be? A doctor who couldn’t help a patient with simple numbness and just refer to a physiotherapist? I began to question my career choice.

I did not opt for surgery and I never went back to the specialist, nor sought a second opinion. Based on my study of Human Anatomy and Medical Physiology, I chose not to see a physiotherapist. I had learnt that the body needed to be fixed as a whole and not in ‘pieces'. The body is a beautifully connected machine and needs to be addressed as a whole.

I continued feeling disillusioned with medicine and my body was getting worse with intense pain in my back. In general, the way forward in medicine is to administer drugs or whip out scalpels. Where is this awesome immune system that I had learnt so much about in Medical Physiology? Why was there such a massive lack of trust in it? Why weren't we building on this trust?

A family friend suggested that I go for a treatment, namely, VHT (Vibromuscular Harmonization Technique) with Jacquie Simpson. I was not too enthusiastic with this suggestion but became more interested when I heard that it addressed the full body. I arrived for my appointment with scepticism but eager to hear her view. I was not sure of how the emotions were connected to the muscles, plus her theories and opinions were quite different to those that I had been taught in medical school. The fact that medicine hadn’t been able to help me thus far, I was curious to know more. I had my first one-hour treatment which was extremely painful and uncomfortable, to the point that I wanted to vomit several times. Still in doubt and unsure as to whether this was the best way forward ... how could adding more pain to my already painful body be of any benefit? I booked two more appointments but had already decided that I would not be going back for more. The next morning, I woke to feeling in my right leg. I kept touching and feeling my leg to confirm that it was not my imagination. If this was the result after only one treatment, how much better would I feel after more? The next two appointments proved to be easier and I coped much better with the back pain. I continued my weekly treatments with Jacquie for a further 12 treatments and the result was 100% pain free in my back! With the reluctant assistance of my GP, I was weaned off all antidepressant and anti-anxiety medication. A few more months of treatment with Jacquie, resulted in a pain free wrist too. My body had taken a 180 degree turn and I was on my way to a new healthy body without drugs and scalpels, confident in the innate given ability that the body was created to heal itself.

During my treatments, a 17-year-old girl, named Shayne, who lived in Zambia, was a patient of Jacquie's. She accidentally went through a glass door and completely severed the tendons and nerves in her leg. After numerous operations and procedures, the only possible outcome for this young girl, who was under some of the best neurosurgeons in South Africa, was to fuse her ankle. One operation would result in her becoming an invalid for life. An outcome that nobody would want to be faced with. As a last resort she started treatments with Jacquie and I was most fortunate to watch the progress of this young lady. I watched her move her big toe! I began to question medicine even more. Who did I want to be like? Those doctors with this extensive medical knowledge, who had given up on this girl? Or, be like Jacquie, without a background in conventional medicine but have the utmost respect, love, trust and faith in the body’s ability to heal itself and be able to make a difference in people’s lives? The answer was clear. I completed my second year of medicine, did a career change for the third time but this time, confident that this is what I wanted to do. For the record, Shayne is now on a sports scholarship in Australia.

With Jacquie's advice, I went on to study VHT, after which I continued to learn from Jacquie. She has proven to be the best teacher and mentor that I could ask for. Never had I understood the energy and the ability of the body to heal itself as I do now. I am truly grateful and ever thankful to her for assisting me to progress from an ill individual to a healthy, pain free, drug free, person that I am today. I am most grateful to her for sharing her amazing knowledge of Myoreformation with me, of which I practice today.

Being given the priceless opportunity to go on a journey with an individual, being present and playing a part in their transformation as they get their health back, seeing how a body can attain to that health without the use of drugs or scalpels is something very precious and dear to me. It calls to mind the words of the Psalmist at Psalms 139:14, which says “I praise you because in an awe-inspiring way I am wonderfully made.”

I am proud to be a Myoreformation Practitioner and I look forward to continuing in this discipline of assisting people in the same way that it has helped me.