Success Stories

November 12, 2019

Georgie Goudime

Love the energy that I feel after a Myo session
November 2, 2021

Gustav Kietzmann

I do believe that being pain free today is thanks to Myoreformation and persevering through the pain even when I thought I couldn't go on. I am now fully recovered, pain free and no longer limp and I now see Jane once a month just to maintain good health.
October 7, 2019

Harriet Corner

I loved it and most definitely feel lighter and more flexible. Book me in for more please!
November 12, 2019

Isabel Downshire

I am feeling a lot more relaxed and resilient
September 28, 2018

Jane Calder

I am totally pain free, and able to continue with my yoga and Pilates classes unhindered!
July 8, 2019

Janine Milliken

My sessions with Jacquie were amazing.
May 15, 2017


I have been receiving MyoReformation treatment from Jacquie for the past ten years and have not looked back.
June 25, 2018

John Taylor

Thank you, Jacquie for putting new life into - what I had labelled - an old body.
May 15, 2017


My sessions with Jacquie helped me have a happy and healthy pregnancy.
February 12, 2020

Kathryn Ann Downing Rowe

Each session leaves me feeling so much better inside and out.
May 15, 2017


I cannot recommend Jacquie highly enough. She is thorough, hard-working, and compassionate. She saved me from living my life out in seriously painful agony. She helped me to be able to live life again and enjoy a pain-free happy existence.
June 17, 2018

Kim Stander

I 100% recommend Myoreformation, the benefits are well worth it .. thanks Jane ..