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Dispel the Myth


Our bodies want - and know how - to be 100% well. We simply need to listen to them and help them, by opening their vital channels and networks.
Taking pills to trick a body into thinking that all is well is addressing the symptom, not the cause. A cause that can generally be fixed with a simple physical technique.
Undergoing an expensive and often painful operation with long recuperation periods is surely second prize to a simple technique that will enable vital flows and body self-repair.


Existing on anti-depressants seems absurd when compared to a simple and harmless treatment that empowers the body and energises, enlightens and brightens the brain.
This is the purpose MyoReformation.
We have put our health in the hands of strangers. It is time to take back responsibility and control.
Jacquie sorted out my back problems with her MyoReformation treatment. No painkillers, no operation and above all no more pain. Thanks Jacquie.


I could not recommend Jacquie highly enough for any type of injury/issue.