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Do the Maintenance


All pain and illness stems from physical and emotional blockages in the body. Disease is dis-ease within the body.

Take Notice

If it is distressed in any area the body lets you know with pain and discomfort. All too often we ignore these warning signs – aches and pains or feeling poorly – because we’re too busy getting on with the “things that matter”, such as making a living, making a fortune or climbing a career ladder. We don’t take the time to maintain our health. Only when it lets us down do we take notice.


We are each made up of about 37 trillion cells that work in perfect synergy to accomplish millions of different tasks. We’re the most unbelievably complex, fascinating and awesome machines. Yet we seldom service our most import vehicle – the body. We would not dream of not regularly servicing our cars, yet we pay little attention to our own far more complex bodies until they let us down. No one has a sudden heart attack or stroke without ample warning. However, most warnings from the body are ignored until catastrophe strikes.
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