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Open the Channels


The treatment consists of a series of movements on the entire muscle structure of the body, from head to toe, designed to re-align each and every muscle, open joints and separate ligaments. This increases the flow of blood, oxygen and lymphatic fluids throughout the body. The initial opening of these muscles allows the body to heal and restore itself, returning to its natural, desired state of wellbeing. The body knows how to be perfect.


Blood and oxygen flowing freely to all previously-blocked parts of the body such as “frozen” shoulders and swollen knees begins the healing process, and as more flow is enabled the healing becomes more complete.
The lymphatic system is equally vital, and needs an equally open flow. Its primary function is to transport lymphatic fluid throughout the body to remove toxins and waste - keeping the body healthy. It is our protector and ambulance service.


For perfect health and a pain-free existence, the body must have a perfect balance of blood, oxygen and lymphatic flow.
Muscle memory has become a common term. The body’s muscle memory allows it to know exactly how it should function for perfect health. Stress, injury and strain (both physical and emotional) create blockages in these systems. We’re often told we have conditions that have to be endured and lived with, or that surgery is the best alternative.
This is simply untrue.
By opening the channels and allowing the body to reform - through muscle memory - it can heal itself of anything from depression to sciatica, from an under-active thyroid to knee or back pain – ailments that were often previously considered to only be alleviated by surgery.
She helped me to be able to live life again and enjoy a pain-free happy existence.


She got me walking and got my self esteem back