Only the practitioners on this website are fully affiliated to MyoReformation. Whilst there are other qualified but non-affiliated practitioners, any person who does not have a Certificate of Achievement issued and signed by Jacquie Simpson is NOT a MyoReformation practitioner.

We have myoreformation practitioners in Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom


Jacquie Simpson

Founder and lead practitioner

+263 772 236 111

Harare, Zimbabwe

In 1982 a swimming pool accident left 19-year old Jacquie with a broken neck and – according to all the experts – a life confined to a wheelchair. She refused to accept this fate and set her entire being into moving one big toe, then her other digits one by one, and ultimately her whole body. Within a year her determination had her driving herself back to work as a legal secretary, living a near-normal life but suffering constantly from neck & spinal pain and headaches.

After marrying and bearing 2 children Jacquie discovered Bowen therapy in the early 2000’s, and had her first relief from constant pain. She set herself to learning more about the discipline and in 2004 had the opportunity to train under the late Jock Ruddock and qualify in Vibromuscular Harmonisation Technique, which Jock had developed from Bowen.

Over the years Jacquie has used these early foundation stones to build her own form of treatment for body, mind and spirit – MyoReformation. She passionately believes that the body can heal itself from almost all injury and ills, and – as she did for herself – she has freed people from wheelchairs and many lesser ailments. Her totally altruistic drive in life is to spread the word and to train practitioners to enable far more widespread healing.

Jane Beunk


+263 737 320 648

Harare, Zimbabwe

Jane was born in Zimbabwe and has lived and worked there her whole life. She entered the fitness industry in 1996 and subsequently became a Personal Trainer with a passion leaning toward rehabilitation rather than straight forward training. Helping people and seeing what could be achieved through simple and effective exercises, by thinking out of the box to create functional work became a challenge that drove Jane to see people achieve goals that they were told would be in some cases almost impossible. She knew in her heart that so much more could be done to regain FULL movement, strength and functionality.

Jane and Jacquie first met when their children were at school together, but it was not until Jacquie had treated jockey Dewi Williams that Jane became aware of what she actually did and what she had developed, born out of being declared a quadriplegic at 19 years. Today both Jacqui and Dewi live normal lives.

Jane felt that she had reached the ceiling on how far she could rehabilitate most of her clients and believed that MyoReformation was the answer to complete the rehabilitation process, physically, emotionally and spiritually. As a qualified MyoReformation practitioner her passion to get people as well as they can possibly be has now been fully realised.

Valerie Bedran


+263 776 635 446

Harare, Zimbabwe

Valerie was born in St Petersburg and brought up in Moscow, Russia. She was a very inquisitive child and her parents often joke that her first word was “Why?”.  Since the age of 15 Valerie never ceased her quest to discover the reasons behind everything happening around her, but what she found most fascinating of all was the human body.

Being a weak child, she was often given antibiotics and by the age of 20, she had developed a number of chronic conditions from all the medication. At 28 years old, and with a successful corporate career as a senior manager at a top-ranked Russian linguistic IT company, she suffered severe burn-out and finally realised that something in her life had to change. As traditional medicine offered only more antibiotics and pharmaceuticals Valerie started looking for alternative solutions and decided to move to Bali and embrace a “digital nomad” lifestyle. By the age of 32, she had tried a wide range of alternative treatments from acupuncture to Vipassana meditation to spiritual healing ceremonies. She noticed that the one thing that these all had in common was a focus on the connection between body and mind.

When Valerie visited Zimbabwe and discovered MyoReformation, she realised that she had at last found the missing link that explained how our physical and emotional bodies work together to enable holistic healing. By then MyoReformation had a proven track record of over 17 years with numerous success stories on “untreatable” conditions and clearly showed that the body is totally capable of healing itself when given the correct input. Valerie decided to become a MyoReformation practitioner so that she too could help to transform the lives of others in the way that hers had been. She combines the therapy with yoga, meditation, nutritional practices and psychological techniques that support emotional healing and allow people to take back control of their lives, reconnect with their bodies and find the answer to their “Why?’.

Gill Pott


+263 773 581 023

Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe

Gill was born in Zimbabwe and grew up on a farm in Marondera. On leaving school, she went nursing in South Africa for 4 years. She was then able to go on a long working holiday to the UK, Ireland, Europe and Australia using her nursing experience to pay the way.
On returning to Zimbabwe, she married a farmer and moved to Chinhoyi, where she has now lived for 28 years. Throughout this time she continued to nurse part time, as well as becoming involved in the farming life.

Gill has always taken an interest in alternative medicine and in some cases felt that the holistic approach would be better suited than traditional Western medicine. She had looked into following her passion for alternative medicine, but this required training outside of Zimbabwe which was not possible, so she was very excited to have found out about Myoreformation in Zimbabwe.
Gill contacted Jacquie for treatment and after a few sessions, her knee and shoulder which had been ailing her were much improved, and she was able to start exercising again. She also had a general sense of well being, and decided to fulfil her dream and become a MyoReformation practitioner.

She has always had a passion for helping to improve the health of people, and to do it holistically is for her, the ultimate prize.

Emma Povall


+263 772 131 985

Borrowdale, Harare, Zimbabwe

Emma was born in Zimbabwe and lived in the UK for 8 years after leaving school, working in the Events Industry. Although she enjoyed her work, the late nights, early starts, and impossible deadlines were taking their toll on her physical and mental health. She had always been interested in holistic health and the body – all it is capable of – particularly when treated as if it is in fact capable of so much more than what we expect. Emma started pondering over a different career path that would honour both body and mind, hers and other’s. She decided to make a change and started to angle her move back to Zimbabwe and into a world of holistic wellness.

Knowing how important the lymphatic system is when it comes to wellness, Emma left full-time employment and undertook a Lymphatic Drainage course in London. Soon after completing her course, Emma made the big move back to Zimbabwe, and in September 2021 started working as a Lymphatic Drainage Therapist in Harare.

She loved this new career path, but still felt like she had only just scratched the surface of holistic health. She wanted to learn more, and to help her clients achieve more when it came to their bodies, so she looked into Myoreformation and the endless possibilities it creates for the body, not only dealing with lymph, but dealing with the entire muscle structure too.

After her first few Myo treatments Emma was hooked, and decided to become a Practitioner herself. She believes it is her true calling – working on and with people, urging their bodies to be the very best they can – flowing and moving in harmony. This is the rewarding career Emma was always looking for.

Nikita Gey van Pittius


+263 772 409 246

Karoi & Harare, Zimbabwe

Nikita was born in Zimbabwe and fell in love with horses at a young age. She started competing internationally at 14 years old. Nikita has always wanted to be involved with the rehabilitation of horses. When she left high school she was given the opportunity to work in the UK for one of the world’s best show jumpers, taking care of and riding his horses – still keeping in mind her passion for rehabilitation. Her dreams were almost shattered after a kick to the head by a horse that she was caring for. Nikita was brought back to Zimbabwe as her concussion and global neck sprain were severe.

The doctor advised she should give up her dream and do something safer. Her next goal was to rehabilitate people so she became a personal trainer and massage therapist. This combination worked well but she felt she could still help others more.

MyoReformation was recommended by a close friend who knew of Nikita’s constant neck pain and fear of anyone touching her neck. After two sessions, the penny dropped and she knew this was the rehabilitation dream she had been craving, the neck pain was gone far quicker than other treatments she had tried and she did not feel the need to constantly protect her neck.

Nikita has loved Myo so much that she has been doing it on her personal horses to give them the release they so deserve and they have responded in an amazing way, as do we humans. She has finally found her calling which is MyoReformation.

Joanna Keith


+263 772 442 255

Borrowdale Brooke
Harare, Zimbabwe

Joanna was born in Zimbabwe and has spent most of her life there. Being born to a homeopath, Joanna’s journey into the mind-body relationship and alternative health started at a very young age.

Joanna has always had a deep inquiry into spirituality and the mind-body connection. Continually growing through her alternative health disciplines, Joanna is a practitioner of reflexology, aromatherapy and reiki, as well as a teacher of yoga (specialised in kids yoga) and of Montessori. Joanna has also spent more than a decade exploring and working with energy. However, she still felt that she could go deeper and that was when she discovered Myoreformation.

The biggest gift Myoreformation has offered her is an immersion into the awareness of the interconnectedness of emotions, the mind, the body and energy. It revealed to Joanna the importance of releasing from the body what was released from the mind and emotions and vice versa. Having suffered from varicose veins for over two decades, Myoreformation was the first discipline that could explain why and offer her healing!

Joanna chose to be a Myoreformation practitioner so that she could offer children and adults an alternative choice in their journey to health, wellbeing and balance. Her desire is to empower people on their own journey to health & wellbeing, helping them to understand the importance of the mind, emotions & energy and the effect they have on the physical body and it’s state of inner peace.

Wendy Hanssen


+263 778 460 138

Rolf Valley
Harare, Zimbabwe

Born in Zambia and raised in Zimbabwe from 3yrs old, Wendy was always an avid sports person and first-aider, so it was no surprise that after doing a hairdressing apprenticeship on leaving school and then travelling the world, she became a personal trainer.

Along her life journey, Wendy took on numerous sports challenges, suffered multiple injuries and surgeries, and was diagnosed with several autoimmune conditions, before finally admitting that her body – and she – needed help. Help that modern medicine was not offering.

In addition to her own issues, 2 of Wendy’s 6 children required extra care due to medical conditions, which made her further question the medical world.

And then Wendy heard about MyoReformation.

Wendy’s personal Myo journey was not an easy one, but within 2 sessions she knew she had found the answers to so many of her questions. Many sessions later, now an avid believer because of the absolute results she herself was living, she signed up for training to become a Myo practitioner.

Wendy’s first goal is to be able to help her cerebral palsied son, Colin, and she is doing a great job at that while also helping others to heal. Her longer-term intentions are to become more involved in the teaching side of Myo as time and her practice allows, and to continually learn and grow in her Myo knowledge.

Colin’s continuous and rewarding improvements are the very proof of her absolute belief that MyoReformation works on the whole body – physical and metaphysical – mind, body and soul.
Follow Colin’s story and progress at

Ngoni Murove


+263 778 046 300

Harare, Zimbabwe

Ngoni was born in a small town in Zimbabwe and grew up with a deep desire to understand how things work. After high school he moved to the U.S. to study, staying there for over 6 years, until he began to feel a sense of depression and a lack of fulfilment.

He decided to return to Zimbabwe and pursue a career in digital innovation where was involved in number of projects aimed at assisting vulnerable groups through the use of technology. While Ngoni found this work rewarding, he felt that there was still something missing and found himself increasingly dissatisfied and stressed, so he chose to transition to living as a digital nomad, traveling around the world while working as a software developer.

Ngoni’s travels lead him on a path of self-examination and introduced him to many healing modalities targeting the body and it’s energetic layers. His interest in healing began to blossom as he explored Thai massage, Ayurvedic massage and meditation. These practices gave him a deeper appreciation for his own body and he began to understand that he had become estranged from his own body through an over emphasis on intellectual pursuits.

On returning to Zimbabwe he heard about Myoreformation and after several session, he began to notice his outlook to life changing. His body became more flowing which lead to a corresponding openness to new experiences and personal growth, and Ngoni decided to become a Myoreformation practitioner himself. He finds joy in helping others discover the amazing healing power in their own bodies, just as he did.

United Kingdom

Jonathan Goosen


+44 7920 390688


Jono is a keen sportsman who represented Zimbabwe at Schools Waterpolo and Under-21 Rugby, and trained from 2004-2006 with the Sharks (Super Rugby) Academy in Durban South Africa. He has always found the study of energy to be a fascinating topic, one that has found its way to him in one form or another, whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

After spending some time in Durban, he returned to Zimbabwe in 2010 and took a position as manager of Body Active Gym, where he also practised as a personal trainer. In 2012 he left the gym to start a journey of his own, looking for advancement in physical rehabilitation.

When the economic situation in the country worsened he tried his hand at rearing chickens, but realised he was not following his life journey, so he returned to management of Pro Fitness Gym. Jono had chosen personal training and rehabilitation as a career because of his desire to help people, but he began to become disenchanted with it because results took such a long time to show.

His mother, who has always been his guide, persuaded him to look into MyoReformation because she was convinced that this would be his fulfilment, and that he would be an outstanding practitioner. Jono completed the first 2 training modules under Jacquie and began his practical sessions, during which he advanced from treating 2 clients per week to 6 to 17, all in a matter of weeks.

His skill was plainly evident to Jacquie, who fast-tracked him through the final advanced training module before qualifying him as a MyoReformation practitioner.

Going forward, Jono’s desire is to continue improving and learning about the body and energy, and to continue on his mission of healing. As he says, “When you see the difference in people even after only one treatment ­- that is my reward and that is what pushes me to continue with my journey”.