Only the practitioners on this website are fully affiliated to MyoReformation. Whilst there are other qualified but non-affiliated practitioners, any person who does not have a Certificate of Achievement issued and signed by Jacquie Simpson is NOT a MyoReformation practitioner.

We have myoreformation practitioners in Zimbabwe, the United Kingdom and South Africa.


Jacquie Simpson

Founder and lead practitioner

+263 772 236 111

Harare, Zimbabwe

In 1982 a swimming pool accident left 19-year old Jacquie with a broken neck and – according to all the experts – a life confined to a wheelchair. She refused to accept this fate and set her entire being into moving one big toe, then her other digits one by one, and ultimately her whole body. Within a year her determination had her driving herself back to work as a legal secretary, living a near-normal life but suffering constantly from neck & spinal pain and headaches.

After marrying and bearing 2 children Jacquie discovered Bowen therapy in the early 2000’s, and had her first relief from constant pain. She set herself to learning more about the discipline and in 2004 had the opportunity to train under the late Jock Ruddock and qualify in Vibromuscular Harmonisation Technique, which Jock had developed from Bowen.

Over the years Jacquie has used these early foundation stones to build her own form of treatment for body, mind and spirit – MyoReformation. She passionately believes that the body can heal itself from almost all injury and ills, and – as she did for herself – she has freed people from wheelchairs and many lesser ailments. Her totally altruistic drive in life is to spread the word and to train practitioners to enable far more widespread healing.

Jane Beunk


+263 737 320 648

Harare, Zimbabwe

Jane was born in Zimbabwe and has lived and worked there her whole life. She entered the fitness industry in 1996 and subsequently became a Personal Trainer with a passion leaning toward rehabilitation rather than straight forward training. Helping people and seeing what could be achieved through simple and effective exercises, by thinking out of the box to create functional work became a challenge that drove Jane to see people achieve goals that they were told would be in some cases almost impossible. She knew in her heart that so much more could be done to regain FULL movement, strength and functionality.

Jane and Jacquie first met when their children were at school together, but it was not until Jacquie had treated jockey Dewi Williams that Jane became aware of what she actually did and what she had developed, born out of being declared a quadriplegic at 19 years. Today both Jacqui and Dewi live normal lives.

Jane felt that she had reached the ceiling on how far she could rehabilitate most of her clients and believed that MyoReformation was the answer to complete the rehabilitation process, physically, emotionally and spiritually. As a qualified MyoReformation practitioner her passion to get people as well as they can possibly be has now been fully realised.

Gill Pott


+263 773 581 023

Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe

Gill was born in Zimbabwe and grew up on a farm in Marondera. On leaving school, she went nursing in South Africa for 4 years. She was then able to go on a long working holiday to the UK, Ireland, Europe and Australia using her nursing experience to pay the way.
On returning to Zimbabwe, she married a farmer and moved to Chinhoyi, where she has now lived for 28 years. Throughout this time she continued to nurse part time, as well as becoming involved in the farming life.

Gill has always taken an interest in alternative medicine and in some cases felt that the holistic approach would be better suited than traditional Western medicine. She had looked into following her passion for alternative medicine, but this required training outside of Zimbabwe which was not possible, so she was very excited to have found out about Myoreformation in Zimbabwe.
Gill contacted Jacquie for treatment and after a few sessions, her knee and shoulder which had been ailing her were much improved, and she was able to start exercising again. She also had a general sense of well being, and decided to fulfil her dream and become a MyoReformation practitioner.

She has always had a passion for helping to improve the health of people, and to do it holistically is for her, the ultimate prize.

Emma Povall


+263 772 131 985

Borrowdale, Harare, Zimbabwe

Emma was born in Zimbabwe and lived in the UK for 8 years after leaving school, working in the Events Industry. Although she enjoyed her work, the late nights, early starts, and impossible deadlines were taking their toll on her physical and mental health. She had always been interested in holistic health and the body – all it is capable of – particularly when treated as if it is in fact capable of so much more than what we expect. Emma started pondering over a different career path that would honour both body and mind, hers and other’s. She decided to make a change and started to angle her move back to Zimbabwe and into a world of holistic wellness.

Knowing how important the lymphatic system is when it comes to wellness, Emma left full-time employment and undertook a Lymphatic Drainage course in London. Soon after completing her course, Emma made the big move back to Zimbabwe, and in September 2021 started working as a Lymphatic Drainage Therapist in Harare.

She loved this new career path, but still felt like she had only just scratched the surface of holistic health. She wanted to learn more, and to help her clients achieve more when it came to their bodies, so she looked into Myoreformation and the endless possibilities it creates for the body, not only dealing with lymph, but dealing with the entire muscle structure too.

After her first few Myo treatments Emma was hooked, and decided to become a Practitioner herself. She believes it is her true calling – working on and with people, urging their bodies to be the very best they can – flowing and moving in harmony. This is the rewarding career Emma was always looking for.

Nikita Gey van Pittius


+263 772 409 246

Marondera, Zimbabwe

Nikita was born in Zimbabwe and fell in love with horses at a young age. She started competing internationally at 14 years old. Nikita has always wanted to be involved with the rehabilitation of horses. When she left high school she was given the opportunity to work in the UK for one of the world’s best show jumpers, taking care of and riding his horses – still keeping in mind her passion for rehabilitation. Her dreams were almost shattered after a kick to the head by a horse that she was caring for. Nikita was brought back to Zimbabwe as her concussion and global neck sprain were severe.

The doctor advised she should give up her dream and do something safer. Her next goal was to rehabilitate people so she became a personal trainer and massage therapist. This combination worked well but she felt she could still help others more.

MyoReformation was recommended by a close friend who knew of Nikita’s constant neck pain and fear of anyone touching her neck. After two sessions, the penny dropped and she knew this was the rehabilitation dream she had been craving, the neck pain was gone far quicker than other treatments she had tried and she did not feel the need to constantly protect her neck.

Nikita has loved Myo so much that she has been doing it on her personal horses to give them the release they so deserve and they have responded in an amazing way, as do we humans. She has finally found her calling which is MyoReformation.

Joanna Philp


+263 772 442 255

Harare, Zimbabwe

Joanna was born in Zimbabwe and has spent most of her life there. Being born to a homeopath, Joanna’s journey into the mind-body relationship and alternative health started at a very young age.

Joanna has always had a deep inquiry into spirituality and the mind-body connection. Continually growing through her alternative health disciplines, Joanna is a practitioner of reflexology, aromatherapy and reiki, as well as a teacher of yoga (specialised in kids yoga) and of Montessori. Joanna has also spent more than a decade exploring and working with energy. However, she still felt that she could go deeper and that was when she discovered Myoreformation.

The biggest gift Myoreformation has offered her is an immersion into the awareness of the interconnectedness of emotions, the mind, the body and energy. It revealed to Joanna the importance of releasing from the body what was released from the mind and emotions and vice versa. Having suffered from varicose veins for over two decades, Myoreformation was the first discipline that could explain why and offer her healing!

Joanna chose to be a Myoreformation practitioner so that she could offer children and adults an alternative choice in their journey to health, wellbeing and balance. Her desire is to empower people on their own journey to health & wellbeing, helping them to understand the importance of the mind, emotions & energy and the effect they have on the physical body and it’s state of inner peace.

Madelyn Rukavina


+263 772 349 168

Harare, Zimbabwe

Madelyn is a born and raised Zimbabwean, working there her whole life in various jobs, although she always had interests in alternative healing and medicines. She was 27 when her twin boys were born and she used the opportunity as a stay-at-home mom to learn massage and reflexology whilst raising them. A few years later she did a Pre-school and a Beginners swimming course and became a teacher. Having taught for 18 years, Madelyn finally decided at the start of 2022 that teaching no longer gave her the joy it once had, and she informed her boss that she would be finishing at the end of 2022.

She had absolutely no idea what she would be doing after this. A friend told her about MyoReformation as she knew Madelyn was desperately looking for something to help cure her husband who has constant pain from acute osteoarthritis. She went “career hunting” on Google, found MyoReformation and contacted Jacquie who said she needed to experience Myo sessions herself before attempting to learn it. During Madelyn’s 3rd session, Jacquie – unaware that she had already decided to quit teaching – unexpectedly asked “does your boss know that you’ll be leaving her to do Myo full time”? It felt like a premonition to Madelyn. She had found her new profession.

Her sense of achievement and well-being from working with and improving another person’s health is extremely fulfilling and energising to her.

Both she and her husband, Tony, have benefited immensely from Myo. Although he is not totally pain free, the pain is not as intense as it once was and he has an amazing amount of energy now. As for her, Myo has stimulated her lymphatic system and she is slowly and steadily losing weight, and her energy levels have risen amazingly.

Christine Sanders


+263 771 052 584

Highlands/Lewisam, Harare, Zimbabwe

Christine grew up in the UK and Canada before relocating to Zimbabwe in 2013. For the first 23 years of her career she worked in film, travelling the world for corporate clients to document their stories and later making documentaries in Zimbabwe. Wanting to give a voice to the voiceless became a recurrent thread through her work.

As much as she loved her experiences her health became progressively worse over the years culminating in autoimmune disease which was creating blood clots, severe eye pain, multiple miscarriages, arthritis, celiac disease, chronic fatigue, endless migraines, peripheral neuropathy, memory issues and insomnia.

Eventually whilst lying in an MRI scanner she admitted that she had hit a road block, unable to think creatively anymore and feeling increasingly demoralised by the merry-go-round of seeing doctors and popping ever-increasing amounts of chronic medications. She started to wonder if there could perhaps be a more holistic way to tackle all of her health issues that might not just treat the symptoms but the root causes, and to ponder could there be a link between trauma and illness?

Having watched her own mother battle the devastating effects of cancer from when she was 12 years old culminating in her death when she was 15, she never appreciated that living through such trauma can create a lot of fear inside of you, and that these fears when left with no outlet can be projected onto one’s own body as chronic illness and pain.

Only after becoming a MyoReformation patient did she recognise her own fears for what they were, and realise all the limiting beliefs such fears had created in her.

Within a few months she was off most of the chronic medications and pain free with a new found energy. It was this transformation in her that inspired her to become a practitioner herself.

One of Christine’s sons is severely allergic to bees and has suffered multiple life- threatening episodes of anaphylaxis that left him with PTSD, suffering daily panic attacks and reliving the feeling of the lump in his throat.  She started using MyoReformation on him and quickly learned how his PTSD memories were stored in his neck and throat area and how when she worked on those areas he was taken back to those feelings of anaphylaxis and fear, but also how those feelings slowly lessened until in time his panic attacks stopped completely.

Now working as a MyoReformation practitioner she loves tapping back into her creativity that once had her telling stories on screen, to help people find their own story held within their body so that they can find their own voice and in doing so heal themselves.

Briarley Davidson


+263 772 201 894

Highlands, Harare, Zimbabwe

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Briarley always had the desire to travel the world. Her passion has always been to live fully and make dreams a reality, and to live on purpose. After travelling around many parts of the world for nine years and fulfilling her dream, she decided to return “home” to Zimbabwe.

Briarley has always had a passion for healing and helping others, so she studied and practiced deep tissue massage, personal training and health-mind-body connections, as well as life coaching, however her path diverted to helping people to create their Life by Design and become financially free so that they can live a life of passion and desire, rather than the path laid out for them.

Studying, working and applying finance, insurance, investments and real estate as well as trading and crypto currencies, the stress of the financial world soon took its toll and Briarley found herself beaten up from long hours of stress, chaotic health and sleepless nights, not to mention becoming withdrawn, full of pain and confused, until the health warning feathers became a rock, soon to be a truck. She feared an early death and leaving her prized son without a mother. It was time to do something about it and re-engineer herself.

She had heard the word “MyoReformation” too many times to ignore and sought out a practitioner to help her. Sceptic at first, but with an open mind, she went for her first treatment. She was numb, but the emotional release resulted in her spending a few days in tears and wondering why she had taken so long to get help. The treatment journey continued and the phenomenal results led her to pursue a change of career altogether into health and wellness once again.

Briarley signed up for MyoReformation training and also signed up for a HOLOBODY (‘whole of body’) health and wellness coaching program at the same time, in which she’s also just recently been certified.

In Briarley’s words “I was in such a bad state just a year ago, I was a living Zombie, that I am not so sure I would still be here today, had I not made the changes I have. Myoreformation has been a major part of that, not only does it excite and energise me, both receiving and giving treatments, but I am in so much gratitude every day when I see and hear the results of others, big and small. I am so grateful to Jacquie and my fellow colleagues for all the support and guidance through this journey. I believe I have not only regained my life, but I have avoided surgery too, now to help others, especially my husband. The healing continues.”

René Wheeler


+263 773 256 356

Beatrice, Zimbabwe

René and her husband own Carnethy Farm in Beatrice, Zimbabwe. Her MyoReformation journey started with her son, who had found Jacquie Simpson in his quest to deal with issues resulting from an amputated right leg and injured left ankle. He persuaded René to try Myo too, and she signed up with Valerie. After only 3 weeks she decided that she wanted to do this, and set about becoming a practitioner.

What is most incredible to René is that the human body, with the correct conditions and help, can heal itself from almost all ailments and trauma because – in her own words – “we are fearfully and wonderfully made by the Creator of All Things”.

Veronika Severina


+263 776 125 466

Gun Hill, Harare, Zimbabwe

Veronika was born in Ukraine and graduated from university with an International Business degree, although her passion has always been psychology and the workings of the human mind.

After graduation she moved to China to study Mandarin and to work as an English and Economics teacher. She met her Zimbabwean-born husband in China in 2013 and a few years later they both moved to Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe Veronika became a stepmother to three young children and opened a language school, where she and her colleagues taught Mandarin and English.

Since Veronika was 5 she had struggled with migraines and no doctor, medical centre or a painkiller helped. Her health worsened after the move to Zimbabwe, with the added pressure of a big family and running a business. And although her life was abundant and full, she was depressed and in constant pain and body tension. She soon realised that she had also become dependent on alcohol and marijuana.

Thus began her journey to mental and physical health. She explored the conventional ways first – working with a psychiatrist and a therapist. Soon she learned that only with a holistic approach is real change is possible. Over the next 4 years she went on a numerous plant medicine journeys and worked with spiritual guides and psychologists, and eventually discovered MyoReformation. The amazing affect it had on her body and mental health prompted her to train as a Myo practitioner.

Veronika’s life has become more balanced, she has able to free herself from addiction, improve her physical health and go back to school to pursue a Psychology degree.

Veronika has finally realized her passion – to help people live their best life through her skills as a MyoReformation practitioner and a psychologist, using a psychosomatic and holistic medicine approach in her work.

Nicky Connolly


+263 78 6123902

Borrowdale, Harare, Zimbabwe

Nicky was born in Zimbabwe and attended high school in South Africa. At the age of 13, she developed Hashimoto’s, a condition that would burden her everyday life. She worked in the in the fashion industry in Cape Town and London for 7 years. Unfortunately, Nicky faced severe hormonal imbalances during her time in London, which led her to seek treatment from renowned specialists. However, to her surprise, it was only her Ayurvedic Doctor and Homeopath who were able to provide her with the much-needed assistance over the course of two years. It was during this time that Nicky’s passion for holistic health was ignited.

The fashion industry took a significant toll on Nicky’s physical and mental well-being, prompting her to make the decision to return to her roots in 2019. Shortly after this move, she experienced one of the most severe Hashimoto’s flare-ups of her adult life, leaving her feeling defeated. However, her despair turned to hope when she discovered Myoreformation, the treatment proved to be the turning point in her health journey.

After undergoing several sessions of Myoreformation treatment, Nicky made the life-changing decision to become a practitioner herself. She was inspired to share the gift of health and vitality that had been granted to her.

Impi Terblanche


+263 712 610 350

Belgravia/Upper Avenues, Zimbabwe

Imps was born in Mutare, Zimbabwe, and grew up on his parent’s farm in nearby Odzi. He attended junior school in Mutare and senior school in South Africa, where he developed a keen interest in human biology. However, Imps ended up studying for a Diploma in Commercial Graphic Design at the Pretoria Technikon. After graduating he then worked as a graphic designer in various advertising agencies before starting his agency in 2010.
Having a natural interest and affinity, and knowing he had “good hands”, Impi never through all the years stopped considering getting into the health industry – the question was just when and how?
Imps has always been very active in sports through the gym, springboard diving, tennis, squash, horse riding, swimming, hiking, and jogging until a sports injury in 1996 temporarily disabled him from extreme activity.
While being treated by Jacqs Simpson for a subsequent secondary and stress-related injury ‘the penny dropped and he realised a door had opened for him to learn, practice, and assist injured, stressed, depressed, disabled, and other health-afflicted people, through the exciting world of Holistic Medicine in the form of MyoReformation, and providing an option other than, in instances, incapacitation, and/or relying on medicines, and avoiding surgery.
Imps qualified as a MyoReformation practitioner in 2018 and is a great believer and advocate that, given the correct tools, help, and ability, the human mind and body can strengthen and heal itself, and it is with this belief and passion that he is endeavouring to help not only in treating existing disabilities and ailments, but also to assist in the prevention of ailments or injury, and the maintenance of a healthy body and mind.

Lara Battiss


+263 773 373 592

Avondale, Harare, Zimbabwe

Lara Battiss was born and brought up in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe.

Her passions are running, reading, teaching children to swim, and the holistic practices of healing the human body.
Lara’s passion for the latter had previously led her to become a qualified ITEC aesthetician, aromatherapist, reflexologist and, because of her belief in spiritual energy, she also qualified in 1st and 2nd degree Reiki.

In 2020 while running the 21km Kariba Challenge Lara tore her Achilles tendon after 16km. She managed to finish the race but doctors told her she would probably never run another marathon. While investigating remedies to try repair her injury Lara was recommended to try MyoReformation. To her joy, after the first treatment Lara’s injury began an accelerated recovery as her body responded to the motivation to self-heal. She also experienced a simultaneous revival of positive energy and feeling of wellness. This combination convinced her to persevere and after a few more treatments Lara was running once again.

Having experienced the physical and emotional self-healing, as well as a spiritual upliftment that were motivated by the MyoReformation treatments, Lara was inspired to qualify as a MyoReformation practitioner herself. Witnessing the same self-healing in her patients’ bodies and the relief experienced by them has given Lara a new-found love of life.

United Kingdom

Jonathan Goosen


+44 7920 390688


Jono is a keen sportsman who represented Zimbabwe at Schools Waterpolo and Under-21 Rugby, and trained from 2004-2006 with the Sharks (Super Rugby) Academy in Durban South Africa. He has always found the study of energy to be a fascinating topic, one that has found its way to him in one form or another, whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

After spending some time in Durban, he returned to Zimbabwe in 2010 and took a position as manager of Body Active Gym, where he also practised as a personal trainer. In 2012 he left the gym to start a journey of his own, looking for advancement in physical rehabilitation.

When the economic situation in the country worsened he tried his hand at rearing chickens, but realised he was not following his life journey, so he returned to management of Pro Fitness Gym. Jono had chosen personal training and rehabilitation as a career because of his desire to help people, but he began to become disenchanted with it because results took such a long time to show.

His mother, who has always been his guide, persuaded him to look into MyoReformation because she was convinced that this would be his fulfilment, and that he would be an outstanding practitioner. Jono completed the first 2 training modules under Jacquie and began his practical sessions, during which he advanced from treating 2 clients per week to 6 to 17, all in a matter of weeks.

His skill was plainly evident to Jacquie, who fast-tracked him through the final advanced training module before qualifying him as a MyoReformation practitioner.

Going forward, Jono’s desire is to continue improving and learning about the body and energy, and to continue on his mission of healing. As he says, “When you see the difference in people even after only one treatment ­- that is my reward and that is what pushes me to continue with my journey”.

Julia Rous


+44 7542 551526

Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, UK

Julia was born and brought up in Zimbabwe. From a very young age she was curious about the relationship between subtle energies and the dynamic life forces in nature, with a fascination in the body’s ability to adapt and heal.

Since childhood Julia has had a strong desire to help and would offer to ‘massage’ friends and family. She was drawn to alternative remedies, from homeopathy to traditional herbs.

In 2000 her father was injured in a car accident and suffered a severe head injury and Julia spent every possible minute visiting him in ICU. By holding his head in her hands she believed with every cell in her body that he could recover. He did.

On leaving Zimbabwe she was effected by depression and grief at being separated from her family and home. She completed a degree in Fine Art, trained as a Steiner teacher and later her travels took her to Egypt where she studied Reiki and began a deeper exploration into raw food, and natural heath.

While juggling the demands of parenting, Julia explored an array of healing modalities from psychotherapy, traditional Chinese herbals and acupuncture, hypnosis, T.R.E. and grief ritual. She has sat in ceremony with sacred plant medicine and practices meditation and yoga daily.

Her realisation happened on receiving Myo from Jacquie, where all of the previous attempts to heal and reconnect with something within herself seemed to pale in comparison.

The body was able to release what it had been holding onto, to a point that it could begin its healing. Aches, pains and brain fog began to disappear and as the weight of old, unresolved traumas lifted, the inspiration to help and support others has returned with vitality.

South Africa



+44 781 042 4995

Hout Bay, Cape Town

Alastair was introduced to MyoReformation in the UK by a gift of several sessions from his mother, who had experienced amazing results under Jono Goosen.

At the time Alastair was a London tech entrepreneur with an Engineering Masters degree and a bright future, but he had always had a sense that he was disconnected from his purpose. In the end it was a fortuitous redundancy that released him from his role and a commitment to embodiment practices including Men’s Work, Qi Gong and Conscious Dance that helped him to muster the courage to trust and wait.

In between numerous business ideas the memory of MyoReformation appeared with another strong hit of that knowing intuition. Perhaps there was a part of him that knew that the farmer’s son with a natural touch around animals was destined to use his energy in a more direct way.

Some months later with 50 guinea pigs (practice clients – family, friends and Hackney musicians) to thank, he was parking the business ideas and booking a one-way flight to Harare to complete his MyoReformation apprenticeship. Spending 3 months practicing with Jacquie Simpson and testing his skills on the practitioner community assured him that he was indeed exactly where he should be. Most profoundly, meeting tens of thriving patients in Harare left Alastair with a deep belief in the power of the body to heal itself from all manner of suffering. One Myo patient’s comment stuck with him: “when I started Myo I had no idea how unwell I was. And today I can hardly believe that feeling ‘this well’ is even possible”.

Perhaps some of Alastair’s inspiration goes one generation further back. He remembers nursing his grandmother as she suffered the advances of kidney failure brought on by a medical error. Knowing what he has since learned, he can see that the autoimmune issue could have been healed without the risks.

Having received this gift Alastair is motivated to pass it on to those who are ready. He has always enjoyed building communities (including a football team that is thriving in London more than a decade after conception), teaching and coaching, and Alastair’s dream is to pass on the knowledge that was bestowed on him and see Myo touching more lives.

Alastair’s other great vision has been to contribute to rewilding nature. He loves a metaphor and it didn’t take him long to realise that there would be a swoon of great metaphors linking MyoReformation and rewilding. For as long as he can remember, his Instagram profile has read “rewild the earth to heal the people and rewild the people to heal the earth”. Don’t underestimate the power of intention.