The Treatment

Every treatment is a full-body treatment, from head to toes to fingertips.
MyoReformation is a holistic treatment dealing with the entire body, focusing on the muscular and lymph systems. A single session typically takes one hour, whether the patient is a paraplegic or only has a painful shoulder, or even only (and wisely) needs a maintenance treatment. MyoReformation is not confined to a single ailment or area, because the whole body must work in harmony, so the whole body must be attended to, invigorated and enabled to self-heal.
Frequently pain is transferred, so neck or shoulder pain may in fact result from a trapped nerve elsewhere, or from a person’s stance due to a former, long-forgotten (but unrectified) trauma. A MyoReformation practitioner thus works on the entire body to oxygenate, free and re-align the muscles. The body’s muscles support the bone structure which is effectively just a framework. The muscles hold up the body, not the bones – after all, even quadriplegics have bones. Correctly aligned muscles allow the skeletal structure to correct itself, freeing trapped nerves and opening vital blood and lymph channels.
Seldom mentioned and often forgotten, the lymphatic system is equally as important to the body as the circulatory system or the muscular system. It is the body’s ambulance service, a network of tissues and organs that help to rid the body of toxins and waste. Lymphatic vessels are similar to the circulatory system’s veins and capillaries. They collect contaminants from the farthest extremes and carry them to hundreds of nodes located throughout the body, where the lymph fluid is filtered and cleaned. Backing up the lymph nodes are larger lymphatic organs such as the spleen, which controls the red blood cell supply in the body and detects and fights bacterial and viral invasions, and the thymus which stores immature lymphocytes and prepares them to become cancer-fighting T-cells.
A MyoReformation treatment thus attends to not just an isolated pain, but to the entire body’s most important needs. Opening, aligning and repairing the muscle structure will attend to the isolated (or even widespread) pain, but it will also improve the flow of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, for better overall well-being. Manipulation of the lymph nodes as part of the MyoReformation treatment further assists the body’s natural defence system to be in peak condition.
The bottom line is that MyoReformation fixes the cause not the symptom.
She helped me to be able to live life again and enjoy a pain-free happy existence.


She got me walking and got my self esteem back


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